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SBT-ORITAPE is a new structural bonding tape on the market. Oribay has been working and researching since 1992 in order to obtain the best formula to better serve a more demanding market.

Oritape, structural bonding tape



"SBT-ORITAPE is a new material that combines the high bond strength of structural adhesives and the ease of handling properties found in a pressure sensitive adhesive tape. SBT-Oritape is suitable for bonding metal, glass, ceramic and high temperature plastic surfaces.


  • The best SBT Tape on the Market.
  • Extended shelf life and higher properties.
  • Standard and Personalized adhesives
  • Flexibility in deliveries
  • Competitive prices.
  • Adhesive 100% Controlled and guaranteed
  • Specialized Laboratory for a perfect Quality of adhesive supplied.
  • Soon.. an improved, innovating new family of adhesives...

Conceived for heavy
parts and small surface of adhesive.

Guarantee cohevisity

Biggest affinity
for plastic surface.





"This is a foamed acrylic Pressure sensitive tape used for automotive components. It can be applied in interior and exterior parts.

It has good adhesion to many surfaces providing excellent properties.

Acrylic Pressure sensitive adhesive tape (PSA) ORI-ACRYLIC 42





ORI-OSHB (Oribay super high bonding)


Super high bonding ORI-OSHB 63

"This is an acrylic tape that can be used in different industries and with a wide variety of substrates. It is a strong adhesive developed to withstand temperature conditions, UV resistant. It also works to seal against humidity.