Oribay, leader in components glued onto a windscreen

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Specialization, flexibility and quickness in the development of components for the windshield

Competitiveness, innovation and flexibility are what make Oribay a different company.

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Oribay, advantages in obtaining quality certification

Oribay has been working in giving to its customers a high quality service. This has been supported by certifications that make Oribay a pioneer company in the automotive market and elements that can be glued onto a windscreen.

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Oribay launches one of the best SBT adhesive in the market

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After the development of a new range of product and the launch of the adhesive Oritape, we felt that it was necessary to go one step further, to close the loop and offer our own coating.

The decision to focus our attention on this process was also taken due to the increasing demand of our customer to find an alternative of the existing coatings.

During this year 2014, Oribay has been concentrating its efforts and an important percentage of its investment in I&D to develop a new surface Coating.

Our coating is an epoxy painting with isolation, adhesive and anticorrosion properties. It can be used with different materials: carbon steel, Stainless steel, aluminium, zink alloy... and present many technical advantages:

  • Black Color
  • Corrosion resistance More than 350h of salty fog.
  • Sealer effect against oils, acids, cleaners.
  • High scratch hardness. No damage of the parts during transport. (by rubbing or friction among them
  • Parts can be stock for a long time without losing the properties.
  • Free of Chromium VI and Chromium III.
  • Adhesion properties, highly improved.

We are please to inform that we are achieving our objective as our specialized laboratory has just validated the Oricoat that meets OEM Requirements.

Like all Oribay´s products, this coating, 100% produced and controlled in our plant is guarantee under Oribay´s trade mark. Being the producer, we offer the best service, flexibility in deliveries and competitive price.

We inform you that our Oricoat will be available in different versions according to our customers needs. One coating, one customer.

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We would like to inform you on the progress of our Adhesive Oritape in the Automotive market.

We have developed new products in our range of structural bonding tapes. ( SBT43-SBT49-SBT44-SBT51-STB64....) All of them produced to fulfil OEM requirements. We are also launching personalized adhesive according to special and specific needs of customers.

Oribay has the capacity to produce adhesive with different properties, geometry, thickness or colour.

The Extended shelf life is really appreciated by our customers. Sea shipments have been implemented, less percentage of rejected material due to a longer expiring date. Storage at ambience temperature without need of a Cold room or fridge.

Our main customers have switched to ORITAPE and we have recently been informed that the Oritape has also successfully passed 2 new OEM specifications.

We have just opened a new chemical plant to increase our Capacity of production.

Thanks to our equipped laboratory, we have helped some customers doing the Internal Homologation test in order to accelerate approval and present a complete report to the final car Maker